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The Four Rules: Anonymity, Respect, Love & Compassion

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The Four Rules: Anonymity, Respect, Love & Compassion

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:38 pm

Keepin' It We is a place for all to heal and connect with each other as human beings. In some ways or another, we are all the same: we all long for love, success, meaning, friendships and good relationships with our own family. That being said, it is truly unnecessary and sometimes even harming to reveal your identity, name, age, appearance, where you live, so on and so on. All these are ego-mind information that are useful in our real day-to-day life interaction with others. However, that is not the philosophy of this place. Here, since everyone is anonymous, therefore everyone is equal. Everyone has the same right to express themselves, however they want it, without being judged. So please do not mention any personal information but do speak from a good place. If you speak of work, do not mention any specific locations (stating your country is fine.) Say what you do, speak of your tasks, what your work place is like without mentioning the company's name. Also do not mention names of anyone living around you. As you keep your anonymity, please respect other's anonymity as well. If you speak about relationships, you can mention yours and your partner's gender, both of your age, physical descriptions are fine too. Just remember to always keep it vague, focus more on what you are sharing than who you are, and do not post a picture of yourself anywhere.

Just share what is on your heart while keeping it vague. I know I am repeating myself but this is important as is it part of the whole concept of this forum I have created. This is not a place to meet others for dating. Just connect with everyone here as your own blood-related brothers and sisters.

The Four Rules:
1) Anonymity: no need to mention who you are in real life.
2) Respect: respect another member's self-expression. If you do not agree on someone's post, simply ignore it and do not reply to that post. Redirect your attention to another one.
3) Love: when giving support to a fellow member, speak from a place of Love.
4) Compassion: when giving support to fellow members, speak from a place of Compassion.

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