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A weird dream to brake the ice... why not

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A weird dream to brake the ice... why not

Post by AkaiShi on Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:19 pm

The dream I'm going to tell is an old one, but I remember it pretty well (at least, the most important part of it). I was around 18 years old, maybe 17, maybe 19... I'm not sure, but here it is! (Since I'm french, I'm might do many stupid mistakes, sorry about that!)

The dream began while I was inside a man. No bad sexual jokes here, I was in his mind. Seeing what he was seeing, feeling what he was feeling. Though I didn't see it, I remembered that man killing a mother and his adult son just a moment earlier. The woman's daughter, who was maybe 17 years old... who knows, was standing in front of me (well... in front of the man). She had black long black hair and was wearing come kind of dark blue kimono with a pink obi (the belt of the kimono) She was scared to death, didn't know how to react. She seemed petrified since she knew the person in front of her killed her family and now didn't know what he wanted from her. The man smiled at her '' I don't want to hurt you, I promise I don't want to do anything to you, trust me, don't be scared...'' He raised his arms as an invitation for comfort. The poor girl was lost. She was scared, not of the man, but of what could happen. She finally accepted the ''invitation'' and cried on this man's shoulders. It is at this moment he stabbed the girl in the back, right where the heart is, with a beautiful golden dagger with a red blade. The girl stepped back, looking at him with open wide eyes, surprised and in tears, mentally destroyed just before her body falls on the floor. At this moment, while seeing destruction on her face, the man smiled, feeling so much joy from that moment he killed after gaining trust...

(After that the dream goes in every other directions... a guy running in a mall, escaping the security for a reason I don't know... me eating a burger in the same mall.... Nothing interesting.)

After waking  up, it was a really weird feeling, remembering the joy of the man (that I felt as well, since I was kinda part of his mind). I felt like I was the one who killed the girl and enjoyed it. That's why this dream is still in my mind even some few years after. It was pretty weird, sick and realistic.

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