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This is Where You Break the Ice [MUST READ]

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This is Where You Break the Ice [MUST READ]

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:53 pm

This is where we all break the ice.

First Time Around is the section where you may share a short anecdote, a piece of memory from your childhood, a bizarre incident, a vivid dream/nightmare you recall, anything right off the top of your head... share it! It can be funny, sad, frustrating, worrying, dreadful, you name it.  This is the best section to introduce yourself into AOA Community Forum. Also do not forget about the four Golden Rules when you post: Anonymity, Respect, Love & Compassion. Once more, I welcome you kindly to this new forum and community of awareness.

Please take a seat, sip some tea and when you feel ready, join in and break the ice!  


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