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Welcome To Keepin' It We Forum

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:26 am

Hello everyone,

I want to take this moment to welcome you kindly to Keepin' It We Forum, a complementary to the website of the same name. This platform, which bears the exact same purpose as the website itself, is a place for people around the world to connect with others by sharing simple, genuine and emotional human stories of all kinds.

Please browse the forum at your own pace and get acquainted with one another in all respects, of course, always as your best version of self.

There will be a category for every kind of sharing very soon, therefore, all you really need to do is look around, find the right section, and share that which you want and need to share without having to be concerned about who you are: be it to vent, to complain, to inspire, to verbalize a new realization, or even to tell unique life stories of the places you have been and grew up.

Heavy emotional experiences are bound to fill some sections of this forum up at some point, and sometimes, emotions can be hard to handle, so keep this in mind that negativity should always be shared as a means to bond instead of being taken out on other members.

Any posts with vile intentions will be deleted and persistence of such a habit will of course result in an immediate ban. But since you feel compelled to join the Keepin' It We Community, I think you must be a good-hearted human being deep down!

Your most important responsibility on this forum will be to always remember this. You are equal to anyone else. So be kind and express your love and compassion the way you would like others to express them to you . It's the only free and important thing after all.

I invite you to browse around and see what may catch your eye at first, read a bit and familiarize yourself with the atmosphere around here. Some people may be more on the receptive end and will therefore stick around more as readers and that is totally fine. However, whenever you feel ready to jump in, do so and share with us your first unique human story. Think of something heartfelt, and share that. We are not here to get rated on writing so just be casual while expressing yourself. You don't have to reveal your name and identity so you have that out of the way. Simple information such as gender and age will suffice to bond on this forum.

I would also like to add as a reminder that Keepin' It We Forum is still very much at its early stage of development, therefore, as if to a child, be indulgent, lenient, be nice and accepting of the lacking you may find here compared to more other more professional forums. Of course, ideally, I would wish that you do not compare at all, as ultimately, I aim for this place to become as organic as possible: more about heart connections and a lot less about mind and ego driven connections.

Once more, welcome to the forum! I hope this place will grow on you quick and find its way into your heart, and of course, inspire you to always remember... we are here with you to Keepin' It We!


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